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Confidently manage all aspects of your data – from Form Creation, Data Capture, Distribution to Integration.

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Manage Forms, Devices & Data

Design and deploy forms to individuals, groups or all users. View completed forms, manually or automatically extract and integrate data into your back-end systems. A complete end-to-end data management solution, all administered from your ‘white labelled’ Dataform application.

Android, iOS and MS Windows

Dataform has been designed to provide maximum flexibility. From the one platform you can allow different devices; Smartphones, iPads & Tablets and laptops running different operating systems. No need to standardise on one device or operating system.

Automate Business Processes

During the form design process; each form can be customised to distribute data to various locations in a variety of formats. The Dataform Event Manager supports; HTTPS Post, SFTP, XML, XLS, Email, Web Services, Zapier. You can even utilise meta-data from received forms to determine dynamic automated exports.


The ultimate end-to-end solution for managing data-capture and processing

From professional form design tools, deployment of customised forms to intelligent data-capture and data-distribution. Dataform truly delivers a complete solution.

Your mobile workforce will be able to easily and confidently complete forms incorporating photos, videos, audio, QR codes/barcodes and GPS location data.

From received forms, PDFs can be automatically generated with Titles dynamically produced from a form’s meta-data, giving meaning to PDF content.
i.e. [CustomerName]-[Date]-[OrderNumber].pdf becomes

Key Features

  • Online and Offline Working

    Form completion remains uninterrupted even if your data connection is lost or unavailable. Forms can be submitted or synchronised either manually or automatically when service is re-established. Offline working is often preferable as this can reduce data charges and enable form completion to continue in locked-down environments or in ‘airplane mode’.

  • Unlimited Forms-Types and Submissions

    All Dataform customers enjoy unlimited form-types and without restriction on the number of form submissions regardless of the number of users. Users can also access their own library of blank forms in addition to part pre-completed forms. Forms can be deployed to all users or user groups.

  • MDM Support

    The Dataform platform works seamlessly with 3rd party MDM (Mobile Device Management) software, such as MobileIron, AirWatch and InTune. MDM software enables forms to be deployed selectively to users and facilitates remote wipe on lost or damage devices.

    In addition, MDM software can distribute Dataform application updates ensuring all users are running the latest version of the Dataform app on their devices. Further, the Dataform app settings can be pre-configured from the MDM platform.

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Occasionally, Dataform app users may prefer to use their own mobile devices and not wish to carry yet another piece of equipment. MDM software can partition and utilise spare memory on a user’s own device for isolating company data in a secure and encrypted format. This will save the expense of purchasing additional mobile devices.

    With company owned devices an MDM implementation you can lock-down devices so that only Company approved 3rd party apps can be installed.

  • User-Intuitive

    Magicomm has been developing data-capture solutions for over 17 years and consequently has significant experience in designing user-friendly interfaces.

    Whether a Dataform administrator or a user out in the field, all aspects of the Dataform solution are intuitive and logical.

  • Intelligent Forms

    The Dataform form designer enables logic to be built into the form’s construct and presentation. Conditional mandatory fields can be added, irrelevant fields can be disabled or hidden, optimising form completion and the user experience. Form layouts will automatically re-configure to best-fit various screen sizes and orientation.

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    Wildcard Field

    The Dataform Drag and Drop Wildcard Field enables users to uniquely programme the function of this field. This enables fantastic function flexibility using JavaScript. It can be used in situations where you might wish to perform complex calculations based upon already captured data or access readings from peripheral devices. You can also create Wildcard functions such as automatically recording the date, time and GPS co-ordinates that can be set to automatically populate designated fields at the point of signature completion.

  • Individual Form Audit Trail

    Submitted forms can be individually audited by-way of the Dataform Form Completion Replay function. Management can watch and witness a form being completed chronologically with comprehensive time stamps. Also included is a live view of signatures, diagrams and photos being annotated, in real-time. Each field can even be set to record GPS co-ordinates if necessary, showing that the form was completed from a single or multiple locations.

Cloud or On-Site Hosting

Dataform is Scalable – Horizontally and Vertically

Whether a small company or a global enterprise, Dataform can accommodate all of your data-capture requirements.

Where you may face challenging data integration needs, Magicomm can provide software development services. These may include building a customised web-service, developing a bespoke connector or a novel API.

A Dataform mirror system can be implemented across a primary server and a back-up server hosted in different locations. Automatic synchronisation and seamless trip-over ensures 24/7 uptime and back-up.

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